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Are You Ideal For Your Ideal Clients?

In marketing, there is a very useful concept of describing your ideal client. It is a process of identifying the best type of client that your business could have, then researching and identifying their characteristics and habits.

The exercise helps you to identify common traits, habits, lifestyles, locations, income brackets, hobbies etc. This allows you to engage in tailored marketing directly to your ideal client in a more time and cost efficient manner with better overall results.

There are some other traits that I think are important to consider, including what they are like to deal with, how much and how often they order, the type of products, services or packages they order, their average spend, how quickly they pay, and so on.

However, the other side of the coin is this – how do you stack up providing these ideal clients with what they need, meeting their expectations, and exceeding them? Does this high calibre of client feel connected and appreciated, have a great experience, and purchase superior products and services when they buy from you?

A Deeper Level Of Service

Okay, let’s dive a little deeper. How good are you at problem-solving? How easy and helpful is your sales process? What is your client communication like – before, during, and after the sale? What added value do you offer to keep your customers happy? What is your strategy for repeat sales, and how intriguing, positive, friendly or helpful is this? Are there financial gains to be had by clients sticking with you, or other perks?

As I’ve said before, wooing a client is a lot like dating. If you found your ‘perfect’ partner, would they be interested and content with you the way you are now? Or are there some things you need to work on?

A Mile In Their Shoes

The best way to get an overall feel for your business is to step into the shoes of a potential customer. Search for your company online, look at your advertising, online and offline, and your social media. What kind of impression does it give you?

If you have trouble looking at this from an outside perspective, get someone outside of your business that hasn’t used your goods or services before to be a mystery shopper. Have this person go through your information, contact, sales and follow-up processes.

How easy is it to find your business online? Does your website or brochure offer enough information to make a serious comparison to other products or services available, and does it inspire them or inform them enough to actually make a purchase, either online or in person? What quality is the information they get if they phone or email you? How quickly do you respond to emails, missed phone calls or social media?

Are your goods delivered on time, in good, protective packaging, with an accompanying note or letter? Are your services delivered confidently, timely, professionally, and with a sense of personalisation and sincerity? Does your branding appeal to your ideal client? Is the language you use online and in your printed material consistent, relatable, easily understandable and appealing?

Align Your Business

The above suggestions are all dependent on the type of products, services or packages that you offer. They also need to be aligned with your business positioning and target market that you are trying to appeal to.

Additionally, as a business owner, you should ideally consider these aspects in relation to your own core beliefs, your business values, business goals and overall company vision.


Going through this process of evaluating each aspect of your business and how it appeals to your ideal client will give you added confidence, clarity and hopefully streamline your processes, and enable you to talk about and market your business more effectively.


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