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Let's Party Like It's 1998!

It is easy to forget how far you and your business have come since you started out.

The overwhelm of busy periods, the stress of slow times, the boredom of the mundane plateaus... Well, let’s celebrate the fact that you are still in business (no matter what life has thrown at you), and how much you have moved forward since you began.

Hand drawing on drawing board of feather in pencils.
Darlene Mathieson: A much younger me illustrating the feather used for my Dipped In Ink business logo.

I just stumbled across a newsletter I sent out ten years ago. A lot has changed since then; primarily our company name, (previously Dipped In Ink). In the newsletter we announced that we were still operational after the major earthquakes that ravaged Canterbury in 2010 and 2011. That seems like a lifetime ago!

This year has also definitely not gone to plan for us – although I don’t really think anyone could have planned well for a pandemic. Everything we have all gone through mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, personally, and professionally … it has been tough.

Throwback Thursday!

So, let’s do a throwback to the year you started your business. Mine was 1998! The top-grossing movie was James Cameron's 'Titanic', and New Zealand’s top song of the year was ‘No Matter What’ by Boyzone. Okay, now THAT seems like a lifetime ago!

My greatest challenge in business at the time was not being taken seriously by the occasional new client – I was female, blonde, and only 21! However, as soon as we started discussing design and marketing, and I showed them samples of my work, they realised I knew exactly what I was talking about.

Your Biggest Challenges

What year did you start in business? What was your biggest challenge when you first started out? And how does that compare to your biggest challenge now? Email me with your answers - I would love to hear some 'back in my day' or 'I thought it was all over' stories!

23 Years and Counting

Here are a few major events of the past twenty-three years to get you thinking:

1998 Google is launched

1998 Auckland power cut crisis affects the central city for five weeks

1998 Black Ferns become the world champions, NZ’s women’s rugby team

1998 Worst tuberculosis breakout in a decade in South Auckland

1998 Prime TV was launched

1999 APEC held in Auckland (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)

1999 Alcohol purchase age limit reduced from 20 to 18 years

2000 International Space Station opens, orbiting the earth

2001 9/11 terrorist attacks on America

2001 Student Loans interest accrual is removed while studying

2002 Kiwibank is formed

2002 Canterbury’s population reaches 500,000

2003 Supreme Court of New Zealand established

2003 New Zealand’s population exceeds 4 million

2004 Facebook was founded

2004 Civil Union Act was passed in New Zealand

2006 NZD $11.5 billion surplus announced by NZ Government – the largest in NZ history

2006 Five cent coins are discontinued, others replaced with smaller versions

2006 South Island population reaches 1 million

2007 Apple iPhone was launched

2007 Freeview digital television was launched in NZ

2007 Willie Apiata receives Victoria Cross for New Zealand, a military medal

2008 Sir Edmund Hilary dies

2009 Swine flu pandemic discovered

2010 Canterbury’s major earthquake hits at magnitude 7.1

2010 Pike River mine explosion

2011 Canterbury’s major earthquake hits at magnitude 6.3

2011 All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup in Auckland

2013 Same sex marriage is legalised in NZ

2013 Analogue television is turned off

2014 Eketahuna’s moderate earthquake hits at magnitude 6.2, near Palmerston North

2015 All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup – the only team to win twice in a row

2016 Kaikoura’s major earthquake hits at magnitude 7.8

2017 Emirates Team NZ wins the 35th America’s Cup

2017 Waterview Tunnels open in Auckland, NZ’s longest road tunnels

2019 Christchurch mosque shootings

2019 COVID-19 virus pandemic discovered

2019 White Island erupts

2020 COVID-19 reaches New Zealand

2021 Emirates Team NZ wins the 36th America’s Cup held in Auckland

Yes, that's right. I've been in business as long as Google, and longer than Facebook, Prime TV, and the iPhone have been around!


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